Trillian 5 Pro v5 for Windows Full Version

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Apakah Anda seorang yang gemar melakukan aktifitas chatting di dunia maya ? Nah, banyak sekali aplikasi chatiing yang ada di internet, diantaranya yang masih asing saya dengar adalah Trillian 5 Pro for Windows v5 Full Version.

Trillian merupakan software chat instan messenger dan jejaring sosial yang sudah sangat di kenal luas terutama di kalangan chatter, dengan trillian kita dapat dengan mudah terhubung ke berbagai situs penyedia social messaging seperti Google, MySpace IM, Skype, dan Facebook, serta AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, dan IRC.

Bukan hanya itu saja, Trillian v5 Full Version ini dapat di gunakan ke dalam app alert Twitter dan Facebook. Selain itu dengan trillian anda juga dapat membuka atau memeriksa e-mail yang anda miliki (baik POP3 dan IMAP) tanpa perlu merepotkan diri anda membuka browser login sana sini dll.

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Diantara fitur-fitur dari aplikasi ini, yaitu :


    Designed for Windows 7

Trillian for Windows’ clean and pleasant user interface has been carefully designed to smoothly integrate with Windows 7.

    Synchronized chat history

Never miss a message again. Trillian’s chat history can be automatically shared between desktops and phones!

    Foursquare with GPS support

Our newly-supported Foursquare plugin lets you meet up with new friends and discover new places!

    A truly compact interface

Stuck on a netbook with a tiny screen? No problem. Switching between our full and compact user interfaces is only a click away.

    Trillian for Windows Changelog


– FIXED [FACEBOOK] Commenting not stripping HTML characters correctly
– FIXED [FACEBOOK] Facebook not posting status message or comments on news feed.
– FIXED [ICQ] Add UIN 12211 to exclusion list for blocking system messages
– FIXED [SKYPE] Audio devices not selecting properly on WinXP
– FIXED [SKYPE] Ringer continues to play if remote cancels call
– FIXED [SKYPE] Skype contacts return in ‘Skype’ folder after being deleted
– FIXED [SKYPE] Skype plugin crash in 5.1. build 10
– FIXED [Message Windows] An invalid plugin may cause an upload of an image to occur many times in a row
– FIXED [Message Windows] Some URLs still contain & when launching
– FIXED [Skins] Meta window switching does not work with non default phase
– FIXED [Skins] Remove custom windows when switching to the default 5.0 skin for the first time FIXED
– [SKYPE] History from Skype chats is not saved.

Bagi Anda yang penasaran dengan aplikasi ini, jangan lupa untuk mencobanya 🙂

by Mr. Benchmark


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